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Find the joy in fitness with Freeborn Fitness, with Personal Training unique to you.

Freeborn Fitness Personal Training is a training service based in Brighton, founded by Veronica Freeborn.

about personal training

Freeborn Fitness strives to help empower you to reach your goals. Veronica combines their knowledge from years of experience in the gym, with scientific understanding from their studies in Biology, and their passion for personal development & self growth, to give you the tools to overcome obstacles & reach your potential.

Veronica's passion is helping you to build strength & confidence in the gym, so it transfers into your daily life.

Your Personal Training Programme will be tailored to your specific goals and current fitness level. We will look at your lifestyle and integrate sustainable changes, in your nutrition, habits and mindset. We will break the process into small achievable steps to help you break through barriers.

Veronica is based at The Gym Group, Madeira Drive, Brighton and also offers online Personal Training.

freeborn fitness mission

"My passion is helping you to achieve your goals in the gym, whether that's buildi sculpting the body of your dreams, or increasing your strength. I believe that the progress you make in the gym builds resilience, self worth and confidence that you can apply to the rest of your life.

I will help you understand your goals, what motivates you, what holds you back and how to overcome your struggles, so you can get results and become stronger in all aspects of your life."

about veronica

Before starting their fitness journey in the gym in 2017, Veronica struggled with low confidence, anxiety, disordered eating and body dysmorphia. Due to this, the first few times they tried to go to the gym, they didn't make it past the foyer. Needless to say, their journey from then to now was not an easy one. However, thanks to meeting a Personal Trainer who took the time to understand their struggles and goals, they were able to persist and reach them.

The gym went from a source of anxiety to a place of sanctuary, and they experienced massive benefits to their mental health. They went from training for aesthetic goals, to becoming obsessed with the process of self improvement and dedication that training cultivates.

The mindset shift and confidence boost they experienced is what inspires them to help spark this transformation in others.